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"I like the concept and new zoning because it offers a better opportunity to learn a lot of things we can use to further develop our products. We have received great feedbacks as well as orders for samples. We also take the opportunity to launch our new brand, which allows us to acquire direct feedbacks and comments from the visitors.”

“Most of my buyers this year are foreigners and we have received both good sales and feedback. The brand is more well-known and we have learned a lot that would help us expand business in various countries such as Myanmar, China, Vietnam and we're looking forward to participating in BIFF&BIL again.”

“The new zoning in this year's BIFF&BIL allows buyers to have better access and understanding of the products. There are even more buyers than last year, and most of them are better informed Participating in workshops and fashion shows also get us closer to our target buyers, which is reflected in better sales with both local and international buyers.”

“I've been joining BIFF&BIL for 6-7 years because it's the only trade fair in Thailand that allows brand owners to present the products themselves, which give us a chance to meet directly with customers. Workshop activities are also very useful because it allows us to work closely with successful brands and marketing personnel who familiarize us with the knowledge of brand-building and establishing brand identity. We also have a chance to meet customers who are brand owner from Italy, and we are happy to receive advices and suggestions regarding expanding the brand to the Italian market.”

“This year's BIFF&BIL sees customers from various countries such as Japan and Korea and this allows us to showcase our full potential to international and local buyers. We can show them the large variety of quality oerings our factory is capable of, and their understanding and belief could just lead to business deals. We get to know customers, get to pitch sale price and develop our products through various activities during BIFF&BIL be it the fashion show, workshop and business matching. The workshop results in very useful suggestions we can use in developing the diversity of our products to ensure we meet the growing, more diverse needs of our customers. The business matching gives us a chance to meet with potential business ners, especially some Japanese customers we have talked with, who would be our long-term business client.”

Get ready to experience even bigger fashion trade fair, with much more diverse range of fashion and leather goods products that reflect the power of creativity at BIFF&BIL 2016.
9-13 March 2016 at Challenger, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Thailand.


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See you again BIFF&BIL 2016

9 - 13 March 2016
Impact Muang Thong Thani