Designer’s Room

Now in its’ 16th year,


the Designers’ Room 2017


          Now in its’ 16th year, the Designers’Room 2017 Project has been organized annually since 2002 by Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion,Ministry of Commerce. The project’s objective is to offer Thai fashion designers to develop their capabilities and have opportunities to export as well as acquire experience in marketing to export. In addition, promotion of their brands will help them become internationally accepted which will, in turn boost the country’s image as a fashion leader in Asia




          Most designers in this project have succeeded in creating brands that are well accepted in both local and international market. Their success is in part thanks to the project’s focus on marketing strategies and the knowledge on how to design for export which sees specialists being invited to share their experience and give advice to participants.


In 2016,

        there are a total of 23 brands  selected to join the project.


           The designers received support from the Department of International Trade Promotion in terms of knowledge, publicity   and marketing activities both locally and overseas so that the potential of Thai fashion designers is recognized in the global   market as stated the project’s objective.